Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hey y'all!

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED blog for our family as we start our new adventure!  A HUGE thank you to my dear friend Ashley who made this beautiful blog for us!  Welcome to our new followers and old.  If you want to go back and catch up on all things Horner Family - check out our family blog that covers our adoptions, business, family, and eventual move to Haiti.  It is or just scroll down and click that last link on the bottom right and it'll take ya there! :)   We are glad you have chosen to join us in this journey of bringing hope and sustainable change to Haiti!  God is good and his mercies endure forever!  We are so very excited to get back to Haiti, get on the ground and hit the ground running with the amazing plans God has set on our hearts!

What is it that we will be doing exactly?

Well,  we are partnering with The Lovan family over at King's Cross Ministries in Galgal, Haiti and will be pouring into the lives of the kids and families there!  We will be doing a long term Bible Club for the kiddos as well as Adult Bible studies and discipleship classes!  We cannot wait to be able to send you wonderful updates of all that God is doing!  We will be helping the Lovan family as well in several other projects such as the meal distribution, Bible distribution, education, and FUN for the kids!

Join with us and help bring the gospel to Haiti!  You won't regret it!  God can use you - even from your home in America or wherever you may be to bless 1,000's of Haitians through a partnership with The Horners in Haiti!  Be sure to click on all the links on the right and check em out!

Keep the prayers coming!  We sure love and appreciate you all!

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Horners in Haiti

 -Bryan, Alecia, Adrian, Austin, Aliyah, Alexis, Ayden, and Aaron